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Why Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Coverage Matters

Why Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Coverage MattersWhy Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Coverage Matters

Imposed by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act of 1915, P.L. 736, No. 338, as amended, an employer must “pay damages for injuries received by an employee in the course of employment establishing an elective schedule of compensation; providing procedure for the determination of liability and compensation there under; and prescribing penalties.” In short, as required by Pennsylvania law, any business with one or more employee must provide workers’ compensation coverage and if a business chooses to violate this act, they will be penalized.

Do you provide workers’ compensation coverage?

The purpose of workers’ comp is to provide monetary coverage (medical bills, wage replacement, etc.) for employees injured at the workplace. This means that if you don’t provide coverage and an employee gets injured or incurs an illness, you are financially held liable. Located in the city of Hazleton, Dryfoos Group of Insurance Agencies provides Pennsylvania business a workers’ compensation program that covers lost wages, medical expenses, permanent disability, rehabilitation and death benefits.

Although it is required by law, there are many businesses in Pennsylvania without a workers’ compensation program. Some businesses simply assume that they are the exception. But statistics illustrate that work-related injuries happens even when safety and prevention programs are in effect. According to law firm, Edgar Snyder & Associates, there were over 85 thousand work-related injury/illness cases reported in Pennsylvania. This unfortunately high number doesn’t even account for the 111 work-related fatalities that same year (2010).

Safety and Prevention Programs mitigate risks, but they don’t eliminate them altogether.  It’s essential for all Pennsylvania businesses to purchase workers compensation coverage for employees.

At Dryfoos, Workers Compensation is the largest part of our business. Workers Compensation can save you from costly lawsuits in case of on-the-job accidents and injuries. Equally important, it helps keep your employees healthy and, if injured, helps ensure that they get the medical treatment they require. It’s good for them and for your company.

Don’t Wait. Apply For Coverage Today.

At Dryfoos, we can help you set up a Workers Compensation plan that meets your needs.

For a free quote, call 1-800-253-6728

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