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Group Vision Insurance PA

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Vision insurance is one of those employee benefit plans that are highly appreciated by employees, yet often overlooked by employers. The truth is, most of us have or will have problems with our vision at one time in our lives (especially as we grow older). As such, this benefit is very attractive to a wide range of employees.

At Dryfoos, we can help you find the best coverage and most competitive rates for vision insurance. By adding this to your employee benefits plan, you will create a program more attractive to new employees and those you already have. Just one trip to an ophthalmologist covered by these plans can save your employees hundreds of dollars.

You can also opt to add group vision insurance as voluntary benefit, a practice quickly increasing in today’s competitive business environment. Employers appreciate being able to expand their benefits offerings without onerous bottom-line burdens, and employees appreciate the ability to save both time and money by obtaining certain coverages through the workplace.

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