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The Dangers at Your Desk: Breaking Down Your Workspace

The Dangers at Your Desk: Breaking Down Your WorkspaceYour desk is the hub of your career. Post-its, highlighted notes, to-do lists galore; your workspace is integral to the work that you do. Yet so often, it’s disregarded and grows messy and disorganized, an effect new studies say can have some detrimental effects.

According to Forbes, a new survey of over 1,000 workers by staffing firm Adecco, a majority of Americans admit they judge coworkers by how clean or dirty they keep their workspaces, and often attribute messiness to laziness. An Office Max study found that office clutter can undermine productivity and motivation. In the spirit of spring cleaning, here are a few tips to project forth your best image at your workplace and make your life easier.

Organization. Set a weekly appointment to clean your desk. Don’t just create piles, but make specific places for the various tasks in your office. Clear your desk of stacks of paper and unnecessary items that just hog space. Designate a drawer or shelf to keep your gym bag off the floor. The result will be a space that is not only more aesthetically more appealing, it will help you to better organize your work.

Cleanliness. The results are highly unappealing, and well, gross. According to some reports, the average keyboard harbors 5 times the amount of germs found in a public bathroom. Disinfect your office regularly, wiping down everything from your phone to your mouse and coffee mugs to ensure you have a healthy, clean workspace.

Sedentary Dangers. You want to ensure maximum productivity at your desk? Step away from it. Being chained to your desk can be exhausting and draining. Take 5 minutes to walk outside and drink your cup of coffee. Leave your desk for lunch. You’ll come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to go.

From a teacher with a mountain of assignments to grade, to a retail manager analyzing sales reports, or a contractor managing multiple bids and projects, keeping a clean desk can help out professionals in all types of industries. Our Business Insurance Plans are no different. At Dryfoos Group we proudly provide a variety of industries with comprehensive insurance solutions from non-profits to hospitality and construction. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the most comprehensive and affordable risk management and insurance solutions to business owners across the state. Contact us today for more information.

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