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Professional Liability Insurance PA

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In today’s litigious society, no professional practice should be without a comprehensive insurance plan specifically tailored to cover losses due to lawsuits, frivolous or not, as they relate to the work being performed. Just one ill-timed lawsuit can wipe out the years you’ve invested in building your medical, engineering or other professional practice.

We Have the Answer

At Dryfoos, we’ve found that the most cost effective way to ward off legal and financial disasters is through our customized business owners policy (BOP). Because we’re an independent insurance agency, we’ve been able to go out to a large number of carriers and put together a combination of coverages specifically tailored to doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, architects and many other practices.

These coverages include many of the better-known provisions of property and liability policies, but especially target the exposures you face as a professional practice, including providing Professional Liability insurance. Professional Liability provides protection in the event of a claim as a result of an error, omission, or negligence in the performance of professional services. For example, for architectural & engineering firms, Professional Liability coverage protects against claims alleging design flaws and/or defects resulting from rendering professional services to a third-party; for law firms, the coverage provides protection for claims alleging acts, errors, or omissions in providing legal services to their clients, such as failure to meet deadlines, failure to file a timely appeal, failure to properly structure an agreement, billing issues.

Protect Your Practice. We Can Help.

Sit down with one of our experienced professional practice insurance experts to discover how our in-depth knowledge of insurance plans/risk management systems can supplement your needs. Call or email us, or fill out the convenient form on this page for an analysis of your current coverage.