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Philadelphia Business Insurance:Pros and Cons of Constant Connectivity

Philadelphia Business InsurancePros and Cons of Constant ConnectivityPhiladelphia Business Insurance:Pros and Cons of Constant Connectivity

On Thursday December 12th, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the initial proposal to allow passengers on U.S. flights to use their cellphones for voice calls, something that has not previously been allowed. After the vote, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler wrote in a statement, “I urge support for an effort to start this process.” He added “we need to update this rule for the benefit of consumers and to reflect accurately changing technical realities.”

If this approval goes through, it will still be up to each individual airline to set up their planes to make voice calls possible, if they choose to do so. Some airlines have already said that they will not. The subject of whether or not this is a good idea has been controversial, although some business owners can see the benefit of this convenience of being able to get ahold of their employees at absolutely any time, even when they are traveling.

With this in mind, here’s an overview of some perceived pros and cons of constant connectivity.


  • Constant access to work items allows employees and managers the freedom and flexibility they need within their schedule to tend to their work from wherever and whenever their schedule permits.
  • Constant access allows a smaller workforce to be efficient at a large workload through the ability to work on projects outside of the office.


  • Constant connectivity with work can lead to decreased personal time, and can make employees feel pressured to continuously work instead of taking actual vacations or personal time.
  • A continuous flow of information can begin to overwhelm employees with a constant connection to work.

Whether or not we will see cell phone usage on board flights remains unknown for now, but some are eager to see the result of this decision. If the approval goes through, the process to get cell phone use during flights would most likely take a little over a year.

What do you think, could this move be advantageous or would you rather not see this change take place?

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