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Pennsylvania Hospitality Insurance: Hotels Welcome Reflagging

Pennsylvania Hospitality Insurance Hotels Welcome ReflaggingPennsylvania Hospitality Insurance: Hotels Welcome Reflagging

As a result of the growing economy, the hospitality industry is beginning to recover. During this time, hotel owners are shifting perspectives and implementing changes. While many hotels have been demolished or gone unchanged, as much as 2,500 hotels were reflagged in 2011. According to Smith Travel Research, that is a staggering 39% increase from 2010.

Times have changed and new needs need to be met. Some hotel owners have noticed a change in customers and some have noticed a new design trend. Many hotels are taking these new changes as an opportunity to reflag and rebrand.

Initially, reflagging can be very costly, but it does pay off in the long run. Reflagging often raises revenue, increases guest count, introduces new marketing strategies, and creates new business relationships.

Sought as a promising opportunity to expand profitability, Stephen M. O’Loughlin converted a Marriott to the DoubleTree. O’Loughlin, president of Lodging Hospitality Management had previously worked with Hilton Worldwide on a different project. Although keeping the brand was taken into consideration, reflagging to Hilton was more beneficial. Reflagging allowed O’Laughlin to convert the Marriott into mid-scale hotel brand, DoubleTree.

Reflagging and rebranding is more than changing a hotel name.  Many executives who reflagged have made improvements by addressing  customer complaints and preferences. Some hotels have replaced existing furniture with contemporary furniture and some have hired new employees.

The hospitality industry is competitive and hotels are forced to make changes.

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