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Pennsylvania Home Insurance: Rewarded to Save Energy

Pennsylvania Home Insurance: Rewarded to Save EnergyPennsylvania Home Insurance: Rewarded to Save Energy

With temperatures soaring this summer, the natural instinct is to turn on the air conditioner. Immediately. But the nation’s utilities companies are taking to Facebook and Twitter, urging customer to conserve energy instead. Another way to save is and save on your Pennsylvania Home Insurance.

According to the New York Times, Duke Energy is promoting a series of web videos featuring a girl with her family to dispense energy-saving advice. Tips include everything from using a clothesline instead of the dryer to turning down the air conditioning.

A household that uses a lot of electricity might receive a mailing showing that more energy-efficient neighbors wash their clothes in cold water and a coupon for Tide detergent. Others can compete to win new appliances, or points for saving energy they can redeem for discounts at local restaurants and grocery stores. One loyalty program awards participants points for every kilowatt-hour less in electricity they used each month. The points can be redeemed for discounts or gift cards at Amazon and Staples.

New York Times describes it as a combination of “social media, competitive games and Big Brotherish data analysis” to encourage customers to buy less electricity. Demographic and behavioral information was used to present specific, targeted discounts to customers- for examples offering school supplies discounts to households with children.

Pennsylvania has several energy efficiency programs. A more comprehensive list is available at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and & Efficiency. Numerous Pennsylvania utility companies have rebate programs, including Duquesne Light Company, FirstEnergy, PECO Energy, Philadelphia Gas Works and PPL Electric Utilities.

While it seems counterintuitive to encourage people to buy less of their products, many utilities are facing government mandates to encourage more energy conservation, giving the difficulty and expense of building power plants and distribution systems. At least 25 states have set specific goals for reductions in energy use.

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