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Pennsylvania Group Benefits: The Quality of Your Healthcare

Pennsylvania Group Benefits: The Quality of Your HealthcareHow much time do you spend shopping for your companies Group Benefits? According to some reports, not as much time as you spend researching your electronics purchases.

Jon Cohen, a vascular surgeon and chief medical officer at Quest Diagnostics said the average American spends twice as much time before buying a TV as they do looking for a doctor, speaking at the TEDMED conference in early April. Patients don’t invest the time into their own health.

Price, quality, and desire are the three main components that comprise consumer decisions. However the traditional consumerist approach to appraising products doesn’t apply in healthcare. For example, price doesn’t necessarily mean better care. Patients are generally not good healthcare consumers in that they don’t tend to proactively manage and maintain their health.

Furthermore, Cohen said, people use the wrong parameters to judge the quality of their healthcare. For example the service at a practice, such as wait time in a doctor’s office, extended hours or availability tend to influence patients more than factors such as experience and judgment.

A two-part approach is needed. Patients need to be voracious in managing their own healthcare. If people are motivated for their own health, Cohen argues, then they will be better motivated to be informed about their own health.  And in return, the medical profession must continually strive to meet them halfway to help translate extensive and often complex medical problems.

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