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Pennsylvania Business Insurance: 3 Positions You Should Outsource

Pennsylvania Business Insurance: 3 Positions You Should OutsourcePennsylvania Business Insurance: 3 Positions You Should Outsource

There are a large number of ways you can cut costs for your business. Whether you hire a contract position or outsource your talent. This post is brought to you by Dryfoos Pennsylvania business insurance programs. Call us today for a free quote. 1-800-253-6728

1)      Call Center Representative: When it comes to cold calling and canvasing it’s never an easy task. This is where you outsource. Most companies pay telemarketers an hourly wage of anywhere from 9 dollars to 15 dollar plus commission. By outsourcing this position you deal with less capital and handling employee turnover.

2)      Information Technology/Website Development: Outsource what you don’t know. Developers, Graphic Designers and IT Support are most likely the most technical part of your business. These programmers and engineers are paid well at an average of $80,000 and require a bachelor’s degree, but would be cheaper than bringing one on your team.

3)      Writers/Editors/Bloggers: There are many freelance writers and bloggers who get paid for article or blog post written. In fact, many for magazines, trade publications, newsletters or local newspapers primarily hire freelance writers who are passionate about that specific niche. Normally to become a virtual writer, editor, or blogger you will need a bachelor’s degree. Cost depends on the company, as some cost a flat rate and some cost anywhere from 50 cents to 2 dollars per word.

Running any business involves risk. That’s why so many Pennsylvania business owners come to The Dryfoos Group. They know our reputation for choosing the right coverage from the right insurer to meet their most challenging Pennsylvania business insurance needs. We’ve been doing it for more than 100 years.

If trust and partnership are what you value in your Pennsylvania insurance agent, allow Dryfoos to help you with your plan, so bumps in the road of your business’ life don’t become business destroyers. Call us at 1-800-253-6728 for a free quote.

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