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PA Municipality Insurance: Feds Will Fund Disaster Related Roadwork

PA Municipality Insurance: Feds Will Fund Disaster Related Roadwork PA Municipality Insurance Feds Will Fund Disaster Related Roadwork

The U.S. Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, recently announced that the Department of Transportation (DOT) will be distributing $333.9 million in emergency recovery funds to twenty-one states. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funds are designed to help repair roads and bridges damaged by storms, floods and other unexpected natural disasters that have devastated many parts of the nation in recent years.

Colorado is set to receive the greatest amount of aid, upwards of $130 million, to rebuild roads damaged by severe flooding over the past two years. While Colorado may have the highest awards, California has the most projects being funded by their $77.2 million allotment, which will help repair bridges and road ways damaged by nine separate occurrences of fire, mudslides, earthquakes and more.  Pennsylvania, which also made the list, is set to receive two and a half million dollars to help supplement the repair cost necessary to revive the I-81 overpass after a fiery truck crash in May 2013.  At least one overpass bridge and several ramps had to be demolished and replaced as a result of the fire. All together roughly ten miles of the I-81 were closed for days in both directions which interrupted traffic and the flow of goods and services, and took vital resources away from other roadway projects.

The majority of states receiving the new funding have been unable to fund essential roadway repairs for years or seeking reimbursement for past reconstruction, some of the oldest dating back to 2005. These funds are part of our ongoing federal effort to help ensure that the transportation infrastructure the public depends on get to work and deliver goods and services are restored as quickly and efficiently as possible. This aid is good news for the municipalities who rely on their roadway infrastructure. The federal government’s renewed commitment to helping municipalities and state governments recover after serious catastrophes will hopefully help restore economic strength and productivity to affected areas.

As a public official, your constituents look to you after a crisis to help ensure that their wellbeing is being properly looked after. While you are busy serving your community, you need a strong partner on your side to help protect you from the vast array of risk factors you may encounter through the course of your service. At the Dryfoos Group, we are that partner. Our PA Municipality Insurance programs are designed to help from actual or alleged claims of Errors and omissions, negligence, breach of duty, misstatements and more. Our Municipalities Insurance Specialists will sit down with you to look objectively at the special risks, threats and opportunities you face as a public official. To learn more about how we can help protect you and your public image, give us a call today at (888) 548-4953. 

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