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PA Educational Institution Insurance: Sports Prove Risky

PA Educational Institution Insurance: Sports Prove Risky PA Educational Institution Insurance Sports Prove Risky

A report recently released by Safe Kids Worldwide, a non-profit youth advocacy group, provided an eye opening look at the impacts of sports injuries on young Americans. According to the report, last year some 1.24 million children were treated in emergency care units across the nation for injuries associated with sports activities. That averages out to one injured child every 25 seconds. According to the survey, children between the ages of 13-15 had the largest number of injuries.

The survey found that 90 percent of young athletes said they have been injured while playing a sport. What’s most concerning about these findings is that athletes are often very willing to play-through an injury, and many injuries go unreported to coaches or parents. Whether the athlete did not want to be on the sidelines missing an important game or they didn’t want to let their team down, 54 percent of young athletes have reportedly continued to play and practice their sport while injured to avoid the repercussions. But letting these injured players back on the field can be a huge liability risk for coaches and educational facilities.

When it comes to school sports related injuries, many court cases have illustrated that the legal responsibility for these injuries can often fall to the educational institution and coaches. Educational facilities and professionals can be held liable for any negligence, misconduct or improper handling of an athlete’s injury. As such it is important to understand a school’s responsibilities involved in educating and protecting participants in athletic events and sports.

Educators are expected to provide adequate instruction on the activity including training, an explanation of the basic rules and procedures, tips for safe participation and an explanation of the known health and physical risks associated with the sporting activity. They are also typically responsible for providingfunctioningand appropriateprotective equipment to athletes and the proper supervision and guidance. If a player is injured, coaches and faculty are responsible for ensuring that the athlete receives proper post-injury care and treatment.

Educators take on a huge amount of responsibility while offering one of the most essential community services.  At the Dryfoos Group, we believe in supporting educators by helping educational institutions find complete risk management solutions to best facilitate a safe and productive operation.  We provide complete PA educational institution insurance coverage for many types of facilities including primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges, universities, performing arts and trade schools. Give our insurance experts a call today at (888) 548-4953 for more information. 

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