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PA Educational Institution Insurance: Cyber Crime in Universities

PA Educational Institution Insurance: Cyber Crime in UniversitiesPA Educational Institution Insurance: Cyber Crime in Universities

The emergence of advanced technology has proven to be beneficial for most, if not all, sectors in the country. However, it has its pitfalls and consequently accounts for the rise of cyber crime.

In recent news, cyber-attacks are fixating on the country’s top academic institutions. According to Bob Knudsen, Global Digital Forensics’ Northeast Regional Manager, “Cyber warriors from foreign nations and criminal hackers alike understand [that universities are renowned and essential breeding grounds for world changing ideas], and they are relentlessly targeting these institutions of higher learning to take the short road to developing these ideas for their own end.” In sum, hackers acknowledge that top research universities are home to some of the brightest in technology, medicine, engineering, and etc. It’s a highly sought after commodity for many. Additionally, some go the extra mile to do so. According to Bill Mellon of the University of Wisconsin, they receive over 90,000 cyber crime attempts per day, from China alone.

The evolution and growing sophistication of these cyber-attacks are troublesome for the universities. Consequently, they have invested more resources to protect their innovative data and ideas. But even in doing so, hackers are still able to detect vulnerabilities, sneak in undetected and remain in the system for a long duration of time.

Moreover, they face two unique problems. For one, universities are structured differently than government agencies and corporations; they are constantly collaborating and sharing data with others, both inside and outside the university. And two, staff and students are logging in with their own computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

They face a unique dilemma. Universities have already invested millions into securing their valuable data, but it may not be enough.

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