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PA Education Insurance: College Education Going Digital

PA Education Insurance: College Education Going DigitalYou wake up five minutes before your class assignment is due. Typically this scenario entails a harried rush to class still wearing remnants of your pajamas and dark circles under your eyes. Instead, you stumble sleepily to your computer and log in.

The digitalization of our world (and consequently education) is undeniable. 92% of young adults ages 18-24 year olds go online regularly, according to Pew Research. One in four college graduates reported that they have taken a test online; this number has doubled to 46% for students who have taken a course in the past 10 years. And more than 75% of colleges offer online courses.

Online courses have been integrated into almost every college campus. They are a sign of changing times, easily accessible technology, and attempts to ease the treacherous budget costs that have saddled college graduates with thousands of dollars in loans. But what are the tradeoffs?

There is immediately the problem of limited instructor interaction. Some online programs allow you to Skype with professors or use instant messenger. However, those conversations have to be scheduled and of course are subject to technological malfunctions. How are grad school hopefuls supposed to get recommendation letters if their academic relationships are with virtual teachers? Or with their fellow students for that matter?

Of course, there are huge pluses as well. Scheduling classes is infinitely easier. Many online courses allow students to complete coursework on their own schedules, making it easier to juggle jobs and work simultaneously. Tuition for online courses is lower because the overhead costs are lower for that teaching institution; and don’t forget the hidden costs you save on gas money, time, bus passes, food, etc. that come with not having to commute daily to class.

What is your opinion on the digitalization of education? Is it possible to save costs and still maintain the same quality of the in-classroom experience? We’d love to hear from you.

The Dryfoos Group can provide coverage for many types of educational facilities including primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges, universities, performing arts and trade schools. With a vast array of coverage at all levels of education, we can tailor an Educational Institutions Insurance Policy to fit your needs. Contact us today for more information. 

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