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Luzerne County Retail Insurance: Why Liability Coverage is Essential

Luzerne County Retail Insurance: Why Liability Coverage is EssentialLuzerne County Retail Insurance: Why Liability Coverage is Essential

Starting your own retail business is no easy task. There are many financial factors to consider, including purchasing the right type of insurance policy. Luzerne County General Liability Insurance is designed to protect your business assets from basic accidents. An example of this could be a customer tripping and falling on the sidewalk outside of your store and suing you as a result. No matter how solid your business practices, customer service, or inventory might be, the fact is that too many circumstances and situations lie outside of your control as a storeowner.

It’s important to remember that general liability coverage is a necessity, not a luxury, for any successful retail business. Should your company need to rely on its coverage in the event of a covered claim, you wouldn’t want to be left high and dry.  It’s actually better to overestimate your coverage. If a liability lawsuit is brought against your retail business, you may be surprised by how quickly the expenses add up. For example, the attorney’s fees alone can be thousands of dollars. Plus if a settlement is awarded, any amount past your policy limits will be your responsibility.

Running any type of business is inherently risky, but general liability coverage will safeguard your retail establishment against many known and unknown risks. This coverage protects you, your business, and your employees from claims involving bodily injury or property damage, up to the limits of your policy.

At Dryfoos, we’ll evaluate your specific operations, exposures, and tailor the retail insurance coverages to fit your exact needs. We’ll listen to your concerns and develop a plan that is right for you and your business. Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you. (888) 548-4953

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