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Luzerne County Auto Insurance: PA Car Costs Among Lowest In Country

Luzerne County Auto Insurance: PA Car Costs Among Lowest In Country Luzerne County Auto Insurance: PA Car Costs Among Lowest in Country

Amongst your Luzerne County auto insurance policy, there are taxes, fees, gas, repairs and maintenance to pay for, to keep your car on the road. These costs can add up quickly, making it seem as though car ownership is not attainable. The good news is though overall driving costs are lower in Pennsylvania than any other state, according to an analysis by the financial website

While the national average cost of owning a car and keeping it on the road is $3,201 annually, motorists in the state of Pennsylvania spend an average of $2,764. Overall, Pennsylvania ranked as having the 7th lowest vehicle operating costs in the country. While it may not seem as though driving costs in Pennsylvania are that low in comparison, consider how much it is in Georgia; $4,233 per year! Georgia ranks as the most expensive state for vehicle operating costs.

The report showed that even though Pennsylvania motorists pay close to the national average for insurance and repair costs, their expenses are less due to lower taxes and fees, and lower prices at the pump. Some residents are concerned due to a current bill in the state Senate that would raise both vehicle registration and license fees, but research analyst Chris Kahn says that motorists can still keep their costs down by shopping around for repairs and adjusting their driving habits (such as carpooling on certain days) to reduce how often they need to purchase gas.

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