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Lehigh County Business Insurance: Maximizing an Employee Wellness Plan

Lehigh County Business Insurance Maximizing an Employee Wellness PlanLehigh County Business Insurance: Maximizing an Employee Wellness Plan

Wellness programs are becoming more recognized in the workplace, and many business owners who implement them have found that spending money on wellness can actually save the organization money in the long run due to fewer absentees and more productive employees. According to one survey, from Fidelity and the National Business Group on Health, there has been an almost 60% increase in spending per employee on wellness since 2009.

So if your company does offer employee wellness programs, what are some ways you can maximize them to their best potential? Here are some suggestions to ensure their success.

Make sure the boss is on board with the program. Employees are typically going to be more apt to embrace a wellness program if they know that members of the senior management team are behind it. If the boss publicly participates in the wellness program, your employees will too.

Only offer programs that are relevant to your employees. For example, if diabetes isn’t a significant health risk amongst members of your workforce, don’t offer management services for that illness.

Set realistic goals and measure results. So if weight loss is a desired behavior, tell your employees so, and track it. Keep people engaged and excited, and when you meet your goals, let everyone know.

Give incentives that people actually like. This may take some asking around. Maybe your employees are into movie passes or gift cards. Offer more of what your employees like and they’ll be much more likely to get involved.

Stay on top of your vendors. Does your company use an outside vendor for your wellness programs? If so, be sure to hold them accountable if they fall short of your goals. Also, if you use multiple vendors, be sure to consolidate their data on your employees so you can measure the results.

Managing and maximizing an employee wellness plan can be a very good Luzerne County Employee Benefits strategy. At the Dryfoos Group, we understand how important the health and well-being of your employees is to your company.  We offer many Pennsylvania Group Benefits amongst other products included in your Lehigh County Business Insurance Policy to meet your employees’ needs. Please contact us for more information at (888) 548-4953. 

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