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Key Man Insurance PA

business insurance

As a business owner, you know that planning for the future is the only way to protect the stability of your business. And although risks and accidents involving your key employees may seem unlikely, why risk your entire livelihood on “maybe”. Now is the perfect time to purchase key man insurance from Dryfoos.

At Dryfoos, our key man insurance policy is a more affordable alternative to standard life or disability policies. This is because the policy can be purchased with a “first to die” provision and it covers multiple key employees.

Key man coverage includes:

  • Term life insurance
  • Cash value life insurance
  • Disability

With key man insurance from Dryfoos, you can rest knowing your company will be in good hands should the unspeakable occur.

Don’t Wait Until its too Late….

You worked so hard to create a thriving business; don’t lose it all because you didn’t think anything bad would happen. Trust in our proven reliability, and contact us today for complete key man insurance solutions.