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How to Properly Store Your Car

How to Properly Store Your CarHow to Properly Store Your Car

During the holidays, individuals and families often travel out of state to spend the celebrations with their extended family or out of country to escape the country’s frigid winters. While priorities are fixed on booking flights and hotels prior to their vacation, individuals also need to prepare properly storing their vehicle(s). When a car is stagnant for a long period of time it is susceptible to corrosion. This is where proper storing is very imperative. The effects of inadequate storage include fading exterior paint, rusting on its mechanical components, and the engine, tire, and brake pads may also suffer. In Pennsylvania, winter weather condition can often be severe; so here are a few tips on how to properly store your car.

How to Properly Store Your Car

How to Properly Store Your Car Tip #1 – Coverage: While storing your car inside a garage is most ideal, not every individual has that luxury. If you are unable to store your car inside, protect it with a weatherproof car cover. Ensuring that your car is covered by nature lowers the exposure to radical temperatures and natural elements. Roll up the windows and put the top up on convertibles in order to avoid critters from inhabiting your vehicle.

How to Properly Store Your Car Tip #2 –Cleanliness: Prior to leaving for vacation, clean and apply a coat of wax onto your car. Make sure to clean your vehicle well and pay attention to details such as, wheels and fenders.

How to Properly Store Your Car Tip #3 –Fluids: In order to prevent engine damage, ensure that all fluids are full. Buy a fuel stabilizer to avoid damaging the fuel line and keeping out extra airspace (exposes engine to moisture and rust). Ensure that the car’s brake and clutch master cylinders are filled in order to prevent any exposure to water. It is also recommended that prior to storing your vehicle, have a professional change its oil to avoid any future engine failure.

How to Properly Store Your Car Tip #4 –Filling up: In order to prevent the accumulation of moisture inside the tank, fill up your gas tank.

How to Properly Store Your Car Tip #5 –Lubricant: Apply WD40 to all metal surfaces to avert engine rust.

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