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Hospitality Insurance: Hotel Wi-Fi Discussed at Conference

Hospitality Insurance: Hotel Wi-Fi Discussed at ConferenceHospitality Insurance: Hotel Wi-Fi Discussed at Conference

As a hotel guest, in the future you can expect a few changes; free Wi-Fi, increasingly green buildings, and more communal atmospheres where guests can interact.

These predictions were made by three leading hotel owners at a panel discussion held in late June at the National Association of Real Estate Editors annual conference in Denver. Moderated by the Wall Street Journal, the panelists included Marty Collins, chief executive of Dallas-based hotel owner and developer Gatehouse Capital Corp., Walter Isenberg, president and CEO of Denver-based hotel owner and operator Sage Hospitality, and Bernie Siegel, a principal at KSL Capital Partners LLC.

Technology dominated the discussion on future trends in the hospitality industry. One of them was the availability of free, reliable Wi-Fi at hotels. Currently, many hotels offer it at a fee to their guests- the panel predicted soon hotels would offer free Wi-Fi for their guests.

Even the décor and makeup of the rooms is shifting from more traditional design to more modern and communal feels (think atmosphere at Starbucks). Video and entertainment systems are continuing to evolve and more applications from in-room checkout (now a staple) to booking excursions is all available from the comfort of your hotel room.

The final trend all three executives agree upon was the increasingly green movement to make hotels more environmentally friendly. LEED standards would become requirements, rather than options. Mr. Collins expressed his predictions.

“I don’t think consumers will pay you one dime more for a LEED building. But you’re not going to get a non-LEED building built in Southern California” or in many other U.S. areas. “I think people who buy hotels five or 10 years from now are going to seriously ding non-energy-efficient buildings.”

The hospitality industry represents a unique niche in the real estate industry. They must respond quicker than malls or offices to economic shifts since they can empty or fill up overnight. As a result, hotels have become a marker these days for how the struggling economy is affecting the real estate industry.

What is your opinion on emerging trends in the hotel industry? Do you agree with the panelists? We’d love to hear from you.

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