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Hazleton Boaters Insurance: Water Safety Tips

Hazleton Boaters Insurance: Water Safety Tips Hazleton Boaters Insurance Water Safety Tips

In 2013 there were a reported 62 boating accidents in Pennsylvania alone and countless more that went unreported. Federal and state regulations require all incidents resulting in fatality, medical treatment beyond first-aid, and property damage over $2,000 get reported to Pennsylvania authorities, while other lesser incidents often occur without documentation. Boating accidents can be costly and dangerous, having the proper Hazleton boaters insurance can help protect you and your family in the event of a maritime disaster. The most common type of incident reported according to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (FBC) were capsized vessels.

Of the 62 accidents, 16 incidents resulted in 17 fatalities where all but two of the individuals were not wearing personal floatation devices.  An estimated 80% of boating fatalities can be attributed to lack of proper floatation protection. While most individuals have life vests aboard their vessel they are often not worn by passengers which effectively renders them futile in the event of capsize or overboard situation.

Hypothermia and cold water shock are the second largest boating concerns, potentially contributing to half of the reported annual Pennsylvania casualties. Cold water safety can be essential to your survival in the event that your vessel overturns and you find yourself submerged in the water.

The best cold water survival tips include:

  • The number one all around boating safety tip, wear your personal flotation devices and life jackets.
  • Wear clothes that provide natural insulation when wet such as wool and fleece.
  • Try not to intake any of the water; this will help preserve internal body-heat.
  • Hold onto your vessel to reduce the amount of time you are in the water. Try to prevent your boat from drifting away from you, so you can re-board the vessel or us it as a floatation surface.
  • If you cannot re-board your vessel or swim to shore adjust yourself into the “self-rescue position” with your body tucked together and your feet pointed downstream.

Boating can be an exciting leisure activity; however there are many inherent risks involved with most water sporting activities. At the Dryfoos Group, our Boat insurance plans can protect you against all kinds of unexpected loss and damage. We also offer RV insurance and Auto insurance coverage so that all your family outings are protected. Call us today at (888) 548-4953 for a free consultation and more information about our services.

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