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The healthcare landscape has been become complicated for both employers and employees over the last several years. But hardly anything that an employer can offer that outweighs a group health plan in terms of attracting and keeping the very best employees. Research consistently shows that group health insurance is the single most important employee benefit a company can provide; many job candidates, in fact, only consider applying for a position based on the healthcare insurance being offered.

At Dryfoos, we place a high priority on providing group health insurance protection to companies trying to secure the futures of their employees and their families. We offer a variety of different plans that include traditional employer-sponsored group health insurance in which all employees are bundled into one group. This keeps premiums much lower than those found on the individual health insurance market. And while an employer pays for most of the cost of the insurance policy, there are options available that can mitigate employer expenses. Some businesses opt for health maintenance organization (HMO) plans that can provide savings over open plans. There are also preferred provider organization (PPO) plans that transfer some of the costs of care to policyholders if they choose to go outside the in-network providers.

What’s more, we may also be able to assist you in setting up a flexible savings account system to encourage employees to manage their health expenditures wisely on a tax-advantaged basis.

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