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General Liability PA

business insurance

While you’re taking care of your PA business, Dryfoos is taking care of protecting you against the various liability exposures your operation faces. When you work with our staff, we will conduct an on-site review of your business to pinpoint areas of potential risk. We’ll comb through your prior claims history and your existing General Liability insurance to identify any loss patterns or trends, and to ensure your coverage is appropriate.

We’ll also review your contracts and lease agreements to evaluate what potential liabilities and exposures you face when entering into contractual agreements. We’ll provide a review of your existing contracts, RFPs, contract updates, and renegotiations. This includes: employee agreements, management agreements, leases, sales and acquisitions, vendor contractors, service agreements, and more.

In conducting this top-to-bottom review, it’s our experience that existing policies often have gaps in coverage that present unnecessary exposures. Or, sometimes the coverage amount isn’t great enough for particular business risks, which can mean out-of-pocket expenses for your business. Our goal here is to tailor a General Liability policy that is truly comprehensive and protects you in the event of a lawsuit.

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