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Excess Liability PA

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Are you confident that your current insurance policy offers the full coverage you need in the event of a catastrophe and you end up with a multimillion judgment against you? In today’s world, this is not so far-fetched considering our litigious environment. Do you have enough liability coverage should a visitor to your property or operation seriously get injured, or one of your employees gets into a devastating automobile accident injuring the passenger of another car? Your current general liability simply may not be enough.

What you need is excess liability insurance from Dryfoos. Excess Liability or Umbrella coverage will protect your assets beyond the standard limits of your primary policy. This insurance coverage is designed to kick in if a liability claim exceeds the limits of your General, Product, or Commercial Auto Liability policies, providing protection from various types of liability, including personal injury, liquor law, contractual, and vehicle. It is your last wall of defense against the threat of substantial loss.

Let Dryfoos build you a secure wall. Our experience and reputation for building strong client relationships is exactly what you need in an insurance company.

Don’t Be Left with Empty Pockets.

You spent so much time and effort building your business into the thriving entity it is today. Don’t lose it all because you didn’t do your homework. Contact us now and get on the path to excess liability solutions with the experienced professionals at Dryfoos.