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Disability Insurance PA


Who knows what tomorrow will bring—or for that matter, the next five minutes? Yet, so much hinges on the future continuing to bring us good fortune—our personal health, that of our family, our ability to pay the water bill etc. You name it. That’s why we have short and long-term disability insurance.

Most of us don’t hesitate to insure our homes, vehicles or our health, but all too often we overlook the very real dangers of not having disability insurance. A single accident can cut off our earning power for decades, subjecting us to unexpected medical costs, or even forcing us to retire decades before we had planned. A disability plan from Dryfoos can turn that around.

We offer a variety of short and long-term plans based upon your industry and circumstances. Short- and Long-term Disability insurance is designed to step in to replace part of your income, enabling you to pay expenses and maintain your family’s standard of living. You can choose from a variety of policy features and benefit amounts, the duration of benefits, and when payments will commence after you’ve become ill or injured. You can decide whether you’d like a guaranteed renewable policy, and more.

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Contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your present and future needs. The experienced, caring professionals at Dryfoos are in the business of keeping you and your family protected when unexpected situations occur. Talk to us about your life, disability, annuity and long-term care needs. We can help navigate you through what’s best for you and your family. Our highly trained disability insurance agents can get you the coverage you need at very affordable rates. Call or email us, or fill out and send in the form on this page. We look forward to serving you.