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PA Director & Officers: 5 Things Your Employees Really Want

It’s the ultimate question for employers, whether you are the CEO of a multibillion dollar empire or on the board of trustees.  What do employees truly want? Hint. It’s not a raise.

  1. A pleasant work environment. Employees spend the majority of their lives in their workplace.  Yelling at employees for example, especially in front of others, destroys confidence and leads to unmotivated and unhappy employees.
  2. Recognition. Institute Employee of the Month.  Compliment your employees on a great completed project.  Send an appreciative email. Positive reinforcement of a job well done goes a long way to boosting employees’ satisfaction.
  3. Perks. They don’t need to be lavish or expensive.  If it’s a particular product you sell give employee discounts.  Providing group benefits including comprehensive health insurance and dental could be the difference between an employee staying with your organization or finding employment elsewhere.  
  4. Mentoring. Take the time with employees. Advise and guide them through a difficult job.  Provide constructive feedback. 
  5.  Help when they need it. Sometimes life intervenes with the continuity of the workplace.  Include family coverage in employee benefits.  Be understanding if a reliable employee is late one morning because of a flat tire.  Allow that extra day off for a family emergency.  The employee will appreciate the compassion and the help.

Employee satisfaction builds company loyalty. Your business faces many risks.  But when those risks include legal claims and litigation, it’s your directors and officers who often have the greatest exposure.

That’s why our agency offers PA directors and officers insurance.  It provides much needed protection against the costs of legal defense and indemnity coverage for the business, directors and officer, and employees in suites alleging internal management.

Let our experienced D&O specialists at the Dryfoos Group protect your assets and those of your directors and officers long before threats occur.  Call us for more information. 1-800-253-6728

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