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Accounts Receivable Insurance PA

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If your company is new or relatively new, you may find yourself sacrificing one expense in favor of another as you build your business. Take credit checks, for example. When cash flow is tight, you may be finding it hard to do credit checks on new clients—even though you know you should. So you take the risk of doing business in full knowledge that you’re exposed. We all did it at one time or another.

But there’s a very affordable solution—it’s called accounts receivable insurance, and it’s a specialty here at Dryfoos.

For a relatively low fee, you can get accounts receivable coverage to protect your company against loss of receivables for all kinds of reasons, including: default, bankruptcy or simply being too slow to pay. It will also protect you should your AR records be lost or destroyed (in a fire, for example).

Protect Your Accounts Receivable. Contact Us Today.

Our AR insurance specialists can walk you through the process very quickly, showing you how we can help you avoid very costly losses in the future through this one inexpensive policy. Call or email us, or use our convenient information request form, and we’ll get you started. Contact us now.